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Founded in 1916, NSK (Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd.) is the first manufacturer in Japan to design and manufacture bearings. For decades, NSK has developed numerous new bearings to meet the needs of users around the world and has made significant contributions to industrial development and technological advancement. At the same time, NSK continues to develop high-tech, precision and sharp products such as auto parts and precision mechanical components by virtue of its technological advantages in precision machining, and actively develops diversified operations in the fields of electronic applications. At present, NSK has established sales networks in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 50 factories. The industry ranks among the world's top in the world. In order to thank the majority of users in China for their trust, NSK is committed to exporting advanced production technology and management experience to China that continues to tell the development of the economy, and gradually establish and improve three integrated business systems with production as the core, technology as the guidance, and marketing information as the support. NSK will accelerate the localization process of this system, thus providing more direct and better services to the majority of users in China, and making due contributions to China's industrial modernization. The main product of NSK is the bearing. The bearing is known as the “food of the machinery industry”. It is the foundation of all machines and an indispensable product of the industrial society. NSK's mission is to operate and control, to find out the running friction of the machine, to ensure the smooth rotation and operation, it is always there, always provide a rich life for human beings and will contribute to the global energy-saving movement and resource protection. .
2021-08-18 09:24